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The Church of St Mary Oatlands

Vicar: Rev. Steve Brunn

Services Every Sunday: 8am Holy Communion, 10am Parish Communion

Parish History Summary:

Built 1861
Opened 1862
Consecrated 1867
Parish established 1869
North Aisle added 1873
Organ installed 1873
Tower built 1905
Bells installed 1913

Detailed History Of The Church of St Mary Oatlands:

The Church of St Mary Oatlands was built in 1861 as a ‘chapel’ to serve the needs of the growing local population and the inmates of the nearby Convalescent Institution established in the 1840s by the Earl of Ellesmere.

It was opened by the Bishop of Winchester, in whose diocese it then lay, on Sunday Feb 2nd 1862, the Feast of Purification of St Mary.

The Church was not formally consecrated until 1867 and the Parish of Oatlands was established in 1869.

The North Aisle was added to the Church in 1873 and the organ was installed in the same year.

In 1905 the Tower was built but never consecrated, allegedly because one of the then wardens did not wish to have to remove his hat when he took a short cut from his home to Walton Station.

Another parishioner was said to have promised a clock when his wife bore him a son, but since she only had daughters, the clock was never forthcoming.

The bells, which were installed in 1913 had originally been intended for use by the Indian Durbar which never took place.

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The Church of St Mary Oatlands Weybridge

The Church of St Mary Oatlands, Oatlands Avenue, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 9TS

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