A petition has been started by Weybridge residents angry that as a result of the introduction of charges, the courts have been seen to be locked up and scarcely used, when they had previously been well used by locals.

Can Elmbridge BC charge for use of tennis courts on land donated to them in 1907 by John Lyle, with specific instructions for use?

Can anyone help with legal advice?

Contact https://twitter.com/GillHB

Gillian Harvey-Bush

Petitioner, Weybridge Resident

The petition reads as follows:

Throughout Elmbridge the public tennis courts have up until recently been free access to all and widely used, encouraging people / families to keep fit and healthy as well as encouraging youngsters to take up tennis.

Elmbridge Borough Council (in partnership with the LTA) have introduced a ‘pay & book’ system, allowing keypad access only to courts.

The courts used to be in constant use – not so since the new system was introduced.

In the council’s recent survey about the use of tennis courts 68% of people said they would not use the courts unless they were free and yet even so the charges have been introduced.

We are petitioning the council to reverse their decision and remove the new charges.

Crazy policy. Nobody using them again today.

Massive disincentive especially for youngsters.

Bizarrely the mini grass courts are free.

Kevin Hamilton

Hersham Resident

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