Elmbridge Recycle – Don’t throw it away, give it away!

You might not want it, but someone just round the corner might. We’re here to help you give and get stuff for free – anything which could be reused.

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Freegle is popular all over the UK – Here are some stories from people who use Freegle for Recycling, Sharing & De Cluttering

Fun, free and local.

“I have received tables, garden stuff and camping kit. I’ve given plants, other garden stuff to keen gardeners. Furniture to young first time house renters/buyers. Jigsaw puzzles to a retirement home!”

From a freegler on Hunts Freegle

Recycling, sharing, de cluttering.

“I move frequently and find I have curtains, carpets, curtain rails etc each time I move.
I have given beds and also requested a double bed. I managed to get a double bed however it came from three different sources, base, mattress and headboard.
I share if I have excess in my garden also love to receive plants from others.

I quilt so have managed to receive a very smart steam iron, ironing board and fold leaf table. The table I repainted and raised with feet and it is now a perfect height for my cutting out.

I have over the years freegled my sons outgrown sportswear, tents, camping gear, logs and tree trimmings, net curtains, rails, a chest of drawers, a leather three piece suite, another sofa, office drawers, bedding, duvets, other items I can’t recall at present.

This system of sharing, repurposing, recycling, call it what you will is a wonderful way of making sure that things that have life in them don’t get thrown away. Keep up the good work
Just be polite when you request or reply to a plea. Ask for what you need not what you want.”

From a freegler on Hunts Freegle

I wish this was available when I was starting out with very little.

“I love to have a good clear out but hate throwing things away. I have freegled many items from old mobiles to plants & even a new mattress I couldn’t get comfy on. Christmas tree & decorations, knitting needles & wool, box of sewing threads & a kettle. I like to think someone else is using things & appreciating them as I did. Let’s keep helping others & stop all the waste.”

From a freegler on Edinburgh Freegle

Gifting rather than waste.

“I came by Freegle as a way of decluttering, when the stuff I no longer wanted wasn’t suitable to give to charity (e.g. old carpet, which is now saving a gentleman’s garage floor from oil drops off his car).

I like the fact that Freegle is a community which avoids money in the exchange. There might be a few people who take advantage of this but on the whole most of the receivers seem very genuine and I am pleased to be saving useful stuff from landfill.”

From a freegler on Wakefield Freegle

Keep reuasable items out of landfill.

“I have so far been a giver (rather than a taker) but love that things you might never imagine would be wanted by someone else have found a new home. I’ve given away things from as large as double glazed windows / doors and a fitted kitchen down to something as small as a piece of software. And it’s always humbling to meet lovely people and hear how they are putting things to good use.”

From a freegler on Hull Freegle

Zero waste but rich life.

“I’ve always been very eco-conscious, but for some time I am trying to live a zerowaste life. I’m still some steps from it, but Freegle helps me offer things which are useful and of value, and which otherwise might end up as landfill waste and put an even bigger strain on our planet. Ypu’re welcome to visit my blog for my history: http://0waste.life

What makes freegling even more appealing are all the wonderful stories and people I’ve met through it. A lady who’s been helping young families to furnish their first houses. A couple helping organise community events for children. People with artistic skills in need of materials, crafters, people in need of working appliances, ebayers making extra money out of unloved items. Everyone has a story, and being a part of their history is an enriching experience.”

From a freegler on Farnborough and Aldershot Freegle

Christmas in a new house thanks to Freegle!

“My daughter is renovating her first home and the Cellar window was missing. Obviously the missing window made the whole house very cold and unpleasant to be in, particularly as she was hoping to spend some time in the house over Christmas. I noticed a Freegle offer for some industrial polystyrene blocks to be taken, and I contacted a very helpful gentleman called Ivor in Kington. Within a couple of days I had collected them, and we blocked the window up. The house was so much warmer and our daughter was able to have Christmas in her own house for the first time. Thank you Ivor!”

From a freegler on Ludlow and Leominster Freegle

Just love to find homes for ‘stuff’ & locate the odd ‘wanted’ too.

“I love the fact that something I no longer want can find a home with someone rather than in landfill. We have to keep as much out of the hole in the ground as we can.
I love to share out my excess plants which are always popular. All sorts of odd things find homes on Freegle so keep on going PLEASE. We are really grateful for you hard work.”

From a freegler on North Cotswold Freegle (Cirencester to Moreton-in-Marsh)

Retired and Happy.

“I’m retired and lucky enough to have enough resources to get by on. I’ve always hated waste, so when I buy or replace household items, I always put them on Freegle rather than throw them away. I’ve donated pictures and frames, curtains, pottery .. allsorts. Well done Freegle.”

From a freegler on Oldham Freegle

Built a playhouse.

“I Freegle all my unwanted things as I hate waste and can’t bear to part with things that are not broken but I no longer need, I have met some lovely people, and some as batty as myself. I built a Wendy house for my grandson from materials either given free of charge or from freegle, all I had to buy was the nails and screws. I much prefer to repurpose items I receive than buy new, it’s not because of money, I just prefer it.”

From a freegler on Stroud Freegle

Elmbridge Recycle – Don’t throw it away, give it away!

You might not want it, but someone just round the corner might. We’re here to help you give and get stuff for free – anything which could be reused.

Click here For information about Elmbridge Recycle and other local Freegle groups

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